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Rail crossings

Pražská strojírna a.s. produces rail structures for city tramway transportation. It produces not only all common types of tramway points and crossings, but also atypical structures based on customers’ special requirements (e.g. double-gauge crossing, railway siding/tramway track crossing, etc.). Channel and vignoles rails manufactured from Czech and foreign sections, special castings and other metallurgical materials are basic production materials. The rail structures are equipped with turnouts and setting devices produced by Pražská strojírna a.s. itself. Turnouts are supplied as standard including heating, and are prepared for control system assembly. The rail structure can be fitted with various types of track crossings, see other products of Pražská strojírna a.s. Thanks to our long-term experience we are ready to manufacture any arbitrary crossing. The customer determines the geometrical shape of the crossing and the required parameters (channel size, rail joint types, etc.). Quality and accurate production is based on the work of our team of CAD studio professionals. As of the agreed deadline, the finished product as a whole is handed over in our company’s head office by means of the handover protocol and protocols on the quality of individual components. The finished rail structure is handed over by a responsible representative of the company, who shall ensure realisation of check measurements in compliance with the requirements of the customer's representative. The structure is inscribed and marked and delivered to the destination. The engineering inspection department personnel usually assist in putting the track crossing into operation.

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