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Company profile

The long tradition of the Pražská strojírna a.s. company starts at the beginning of the 1830s. Since 1912, when the “Elektrické podniky“ company board of directors suggested the city council purchase the “Pražská akciová společnost“ company, it has formed an indivisible part of the city of Prague’s public transportation. On April 1, 1994 the decision was made to transform the “Dopravní podnik hl. m. Prahy, a.s.“ company and the joint stock company “Pražská strojírna a.s.” was established.
This company starts to write the new era of the machine works, but at the same time it takes up fifty years’ experience in the manufacture of rail structures. The company’s development team is capable of solving even the most complex problems related to city and suburban rail transportation.
Development and manufacture of rail structures and setting devices for tramway transportation form the fundamental line of business. Comprehensive servicing of setting devices is extended to other components, such as tramway turnouts with flexible replaceable blades in various modifications based on customer demands, turnout heating, track drainage and other engineering products.
Pražská strojírna a.s. delivers the above-mentioned products not only to the “Dopravní podnik hl. m Prahy“ company, which is its leading customer, but also to other city transportation companies around the Czech Republic. In recent years, exports to foreign markets in Poland, Germany, Bulgaria, Australia, Russia, Italy, Austria, Sweden, Slovakia, Hungary, Estonia and other countries have rapidly increased.
In 1997 the company implemented the ISO 9001 certified quality control system and in 2008 ISO 14001 and ISO 3834-2 too. Pražská strojírna a.s. is enviroment-friendly firm.
At the beginning of 2007 the phase of relocation was finished and the whole company moved to the newly reconstructed premises in Prague – Vinoř. Here the company came through the restructuring and consolidated it´s position on the market. In the year 2010 our company made big investments - the portal milling machine and the building of an old sugar-company was pulled down and there was a new assembly working place built. In 2014 celebrated our joint-stock company 20 years from the renewal after the Velvet Revolution. We powered a new CNC milling machine to mark this 20th anniversary. There took the place the fusion with the firm PS – renovace s.r.o. (former GTR DP Praha s.r.o., earlier Elaugen DP Praha s.r.o.). The fusion made our portfolio wider for after purchase services – surfacing and grinding.