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Track equipment

Track equipment

Pražská strojírna a.s. produces transition rails with two different groove rail profiles or between the groove rail and the Vignol rail. Pražská strojírna a.s. also produces expansion rails in two basic designes:
a) expansion rails for common use in tramway tracks with +-35mm expansion step.
b) bridge expansion rails - they enable crossing tramway sets from the rigid earth bed to bridges and back. The expansion step is given by the magnitude of the bridge expansion motion; the commonly produced expansion rails use, for example +-200mm.
Transition rails may also be combined with the expansion rails. Pražská strojirna a.s. produces other minor track equipment for particular customers´ needs.

- transition rails secure cross-over of a tramway set between two different profiles of rails over the factory made joint of two different rail profiles,
- expansion rails enable the expansion motion of individual rail passages and the cross-over of the tramway sets from the construction point of view.

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Track drainage

A comprehesive approach to tramway track drainage makes it possible to drain water from the entire width of the tramway track or its part in sections trafficked by road vehicles and in grassy sections.

1. Solution for track used by tramway, cars and trucks:
a) box drainage into gauge - 2 units for track. This drainage is produced as weldment and it is constructed so that the cover cannot release and noise does not occur when road vehicles run over it. The water drainage removes both the surface water from the tramway track and the water from the rail groove.
b) drainage to the intermediate track gauge - 1 unit for track. This drainage system is designed as a weldment, always for the particular size of the intermediate rail gauge. The drainage box is on the rail legs and serves for draining the surface water from the tram track.
c) side drainage - 2 units for track. This drainage is constructed as a weldment, either in a standard length of 500mm or a length defined by the consumer for draining the entire width of the road up to the walkway. The box is inserted in an "overhung" manner on the rail and serves for draining the surface water at the areas of the road edge.

2. Solution for the grassy section of the tramway track - special casting drainage.
Drainage is constructed as a cast piece with a cover. The casting is screwed with two bolts (part of the delivery) to the rail through the distancing rubber (also a part of the delivery).

- complete drainage of the tramway track surface and drainage of the rail groove.

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Heating the tramway turnouts

The equipment serves for heating switches with flexible or pin blades for securing their proper function at air temperatures below zero and under unfavourable conditions (ice, snow). Heating can be operated either as non-regulated (direct on/off switching of the heating), or as non-regulated depending on the ambient air of the enviroment. The function of direct or regulated heating can be selected by setting the heating regime in the control system of the turnout control.

- the equipment serves for heating switches for securing their proper function at air temperatures below the freezing point and in unfavourable conditions (ice, snow).

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