Special profile “Spurrillenschiene” S49 Krug

///Special profile “Spurrillenschiene” S49 Krug
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Special profile “Spurrillenschiene” S49 Krug

The profile serves as a check rail in curved tramway track made from Vignol rail or to create “groove” in level crossings. Other possible usage is for crane track, when using two profiles from both sides of S49 rail. The profile is provided in lengths 15m. Pražská strojírna a.s. offers predrilling of holes for special screws and also cut of bars to requested lengths. Original screws M22x90, nuts M22 and washers are provided together with the profile for its fastening to the Vignol profile S49 (49E1). Our company has got an agreement with the firm Heinrich Krug GmbH & Co. KG. as the exclusive distributor Spurrillenschiene Form S49 in Czech rep. For more details about Spurrillenschiene Form S49 look please on http://www.krug-weichenbau.de

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“Spurrillenschiene” S49 Krug ensures:

  • Check rail function in curved tramway track made from Vignol rail or “groove” in level crossings.