Facing setting devices

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Devices with point machine (engine) and checking pull rods

Setting devices with point machine and checking pull-rods VSP-12-K and VSP-1-K are intended for mechanical or manual setting of switches in required direction. Devices guarantee a high degree of cross-through safety (SIL-3), long lifetime with minimum maintenance costs, noiseless function and ecological harmless. Setting device of Pražská strojírna a.s. can cooperate with electronic control systems.

The facing setting devices VSP-12-K and VSP-1-K ensure:

  • Specified thrust of the setting pull-rod in end positions
  • Setting pull-rod lock in end positions
  • Indication of the setting pull-rod lock and the checking pull-rods lock
  • Checking pull-rods lock in end positions
  • Indication of checking pull-rods end positions
  • Indication of block the setting command when the setting rod is inserted into the setting pocket
  • Possibility of force setting by wheels of tram car (“forced opening of the blades”)


The setting device VSP-12-K is produced with electrohydraulic motor for 600V DC, 750V DC, 400V AC, 230V AC, 110V AC 60Hz. Its main feature is the lowest in-built installation depth on the market – see leaflet with technical parameters.

See catalogue LEAFLET of the VSP-12-K:



The setting device VS-1-K is a standard of the facing setting devices.

See catalogue LEAFLET of the VSP-1-K: