Rail crossings

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Rail crossings

Pražská strojírna a.s. produces and delivers rail crossings, crossings of tramway track with industrial or side railway track according various customer´s requests (Czech standards, German VDV standards, Sweden standards, etc.). Groove rail profile (60R1, 60R2, 59R2, NT1, Ri57A,, etc.) are the basic for production. Ramps and parts with flat or narrowed groove are produced from full head rails (NT, 105C1, 73C1, Ri57AVK, etc.). A profile 310C1 or various rolled or forged blocks are used at central parts of the crossings in wide spectrum of qualities (R200, R220, R290GHT-CL, etc.). Quality can be also improved by hard layers welded on.

See catalogue LEAFLET:


Rail crossings ensure:

  • Crossing, branching and junction of tramway tracks
  • A high level of passage safety, quiet function, ecologically harmless and a long lifetime with minimum requirements for maintenance..