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The VSP-20 setting device is designed for setting of switches in depots mainly.

The device ensures mechanised or manual resetting of the switches to the desired direction and for holding the turnout blades in end positions. It provides long lifetime with minimum maintenance costs, noiseless function and ecological harmless. The VSP-20 setting device co-operates with all types of turnout control systems.

The VSP – 20 setting device ensures:

  • Thrust of the setting pull-rod in end positions
  • Indication of the setting pull-rod positions
  • Indication of block the setting command when the setting rod is inserted into the setting pocket
  • Possibility of force setting by wheels of tram car (“forced opening of the blades”)

The VSP-20 setting device is also produced in the “side of the switch” variant for setting of single-blade switches or switches that do not enable “inside switch” installation (code VSP-20-B). The device can be also equipped with detection and signalisation elements checking the blade positions (code VSP-20-S).

See catalogue LEAFLET of the VSP-20: