Gauntlet tramway switches

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Gauntlet tramway switches

Gauntlet tramway switches are made symmetrically or for right or left branching and can be used as facing as trailing. Gauntlet switches are used for lining tramway trains into the corresponding branch in a certain necessary distance before the rail branching itself. Offset distance of branches at the end of the gauntlet switch can vary according the customer´s request (120mm, 129mm, 160mm, etc.). Behind the switch starts gauntlet rail field (twin track) in the length according the situation on site with offset given by the switch. Gauntlet switches are designed for use in the most demanding conditions of tramway tracks. Switches guarantee a high level of passage safety, quiet function, ecologically harmless and a long lifetime with minimum requirements for maintenance. The switch is made of grooved rails of the profile required by the customer (NT1, NT3, 60R2, 60R1, 73C1, Ph37, NP4, RT62, etc.). Both curved and straight switch blades of the switch can be welded or designed as replaceable. The gauntlet switch itself can be designed as welded style as block style.

Gauntlet switches ensure:

  • In cooperation with the facing or trailing setting system an automated or manual setting of the switch blades into the required direction and thus a safe tramway train passage in the straight or branching direction
  • The switch construction enables the use of modern, unified setting devices with the setting and checking rod.

See catalogue LEAFLET: