Transition rails and expansion joints

///Transition rails and expansion joints
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Transition rails and expansion joints

Pražská strojírna a.s. produces transition rails made of two different groove rail profiles or between the groove rail and the Vignol rail.
Expansion joints are produced in two basic designs:

  1. Expansion joints for common use in tramway tracks with ± 35mm expansion.
  2. Bridge expansion joints, which enable to tramway trains pass from the rigid ground track to bridge track and vice versa. The expansion is given by the magnitude of the bridge expansion motion; the commonly produced expansion rails use, for example ± 200mm.

Transition rails may also be combined with the expansion rails. Pražská strojírna a.s. produces other minor track equipment according particular customers´ needs.

See catalogue LEAFLET:


Transition rails ensure:

  • Safe tramway train passage from one rail profile in track to different one by mean of factory made rail transition joint.

Expansion joints ensure:

  • Expansion movement of track rails and safe tramway train passage over the joint.